Laptop Repairs


At Quay I.T Computers we have always tried to offer as many services to our customers as possible. PC desktop repairs, software repairs, printer/laser repairs etc, Now laptop engineer Sam Dodd has joined our team. As laptops are getting more and more popular, we find ourselves doing a lot more component level repairs on them. Sam is currently repairing all sorts of component problems, CD/DVD Drives, Hard Drive Problems, Keyboard/Trackpad, LCD Screen Replacements, Hinge Fixes, and Replacement Motherboards etc.

One of the main problems we occur is broken off or loose connection of the power socket, where the mains charger plugs into. Sam strips down the laptop, checks out the fault, Checks if the socket is carrying power through or a new one is required, and then solders the socket back onto the motherboard in the correct position.


We will always give our professional advice whether a laptop is economical to repair or not, and whether it is worth fixing in the case of whether the fix will last or not. Whatever the problem, we will always find out what is wrong with your laptop!