Being 15 + years, we always find ourselves with plenty of second hand parts. Be it old and working hard drives, CD/DVD Drives, Monitors, Keyboard/Mice, RAM Etc


We also have second hand PC towers available. For this we find out what the customer is using it for and we will try and find a suitable spec machine for their needs. We will never try to over sell a customer; just find the right solution for them!


We are also now selling quite a few second hand Apple Mac’s. iMac’s, Mac Book’s, Mac Book Pro’s, Mac Mini’s etc.


We always make sure second hand computers are sold with a fresh load of a operating system, so the machine is as was when bought. We also check the hardware to make sure everything is in a working state. We would never let a machine be sold that is not working properly.


If you require any second hand products, please pop in and see us, or contact us on 01803 868009